For Christmas I got a cake pop maker!

Every year I as for something baking related for Christmas. This year I got lots of baking things for Christmas. A cookbook, a complete set of decorating tips, a beautiful marble cake stand and a cake pop maker.

I have tried cake pops before and found them to be work, not hard work but lots of steps. I figured there had to be an easier way and sure enough there was.

This is a cake pop maker.



Now, I will be honest and say that I did use a box mix for the first time using this. I wanted to see how they would turn out before going through the trouble of whipping up one of my favorite cake batters. It turned out pretty well, I was impressed.

This is how the first batch turned out.


I was eating them as I was taking them out of the maker but no worries this maker whips out another batch in about 5 minutes.

Once they are cooled you can decorate them with some candy melts. Just melt the candy melts as per directions on the bag and dip the cake balls in them. I chose to decorate mine for Valentines day as it is the next holiday coming up. I left mine as cake balls but if you wanted you could insert the sticks in and make pops.

Once the candy melts hardened I cut off the extra bits of candy and placed them into mini cupcake liners.
And that’s it. This was my finished product.

Wow, making cake pops is … a piece of cake.