My Baking Thoughts

I am not a baker but someone who likes to bake.

I enjoy it and it really puts me into my happy place.

My cakes come from the heart, they may not always look picture perfect but what’s inside is love and magic.

Baking cakes or deserts will never be a business for me. Honestly, I think it would take the magic out of it. It becomes something out of necessity and not by choice.

I like choosing who I bake for. It’s hard to make pretty things for ugly personalities. I have a hard time baking for those who don’t appreciate the time and effort that goes into a cake. And it’s so easy to spot those people. Looking for something wonderful for nothing.

I like surprising people with baked goods as a just because I thought of you today gesture. It’s special and it makes people feel special and there just isn’t enough kindness in this world.

When I bake for you it is an extension of how I feel about you.

That’s why I don’t bake for everyone.

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